Patient Testimonials

I had a gastric band fitted 4 years ago whilst abroad in Belgium. I had always found it hard to control my weight. I thought it would be the answer to my weight problems but I was wrong. For the first two years I was coping with it although I still had problems. I found it very hard to eat food that I was told I should be able to eat and had a lot of sickness. Four years on and I started to have lots of problems. I couldn’t eat any food or keep any fluids down. I contacted Mr Khera who made an appointment for an operation to have the band removed. Unfortunately I then couldn’t keep anything down and I was vomiting blood so I went to A&E. They contacted Mr Khera for advice and did a scan and told me that my band had slipped. I was being very sick and felt terrible. They put a naso gastric tube in and I was instantly sick again, bringing up vile, black congealed blood. Approximately 2.5 litres of this fluid was drained from my stomach over the next 2 days in hospital. I was only allowed water and felt exhausted. Mr Khera arranged urgent transfer to the Montefiore Hospital with my naso gastric tube still in place to have my planned band removal next day. Mr Khera told me that there could be lots of complications and he wouldn’t know how bad it was until he operated. I had to sign a form to say he could perform any surgery required in case he needed to remove part of my stomach. The damage caused by the band could have been fatal. If I could turn back time I would never have a gastric band again. I am so lucky that I came out of the operation safely. I am only just able to eat small amounts of soft food. It is only now 2 weeks after my operation that I’m starting to feel normal again. I just thought you should what I went through with a gastric band and think carefully about your situation as you may not be so lucky.


Sent by a patient 2019.

Hi Goldie I would just like to say thank you so much for all you have done for me physically and mentally!! I now feel on top form and ready to get back to normal(without the alcohol of course) I will obviously recommend you to anyone who needs your services! Thanks again take care


Sent by a patient 2019.


At all time Mr Khera was professional and approachable. I was feeling bloated, nauseous and had been to A&E on a couple of occasions with severe abdominal pain. Mr Khera thought this would be due to adhesions however he arranged an MRI scan and a colonoscopy to ensure there was nothing else going on. I had surgery to remove the extensive scar tissue and Mr Khera successfully completed this via keyhole surgery. Mr Khera was thorough, patient and reassuring during all my consultations and I would highly recommend him.


10th December 2018 - Written by a patient at Montefiore Hospital

I felt at ease and confident throughout the process of my initial consultation and later operation. Dr Khera made the whole thing extremely professional and informative and if I ever become ill again I definitely would seek out treatment from the Montefiore.


29th November 2018 - Written by a patient at Montefiore Hospital

Dr. Goldie Khera was excellent and really reassuring. As a result of this balloon weight loss procedure, I have lost over 33 kilos in 11 months


19th November 2018 - Written by a patient at Montefiore Hospital

Goldie khera was really reassuring and fantastic at explaining my procedure before and after.


15th November 2018 - Written by a patient at Montefiore Hospital

I am very sorry not to have written to thank you and your colleagues for the excellent care and attention both during and after my stay in the RSCH in April. I much appreciate the attention from you in particular and I believe that I am now fully recovered. All good wishes and grateful thanks.


November 2018

Dear Mr Khera, I don’t think anyone can say it was a pleasure to be in hospital unless suffering from Munchaussens syndrome but I can say it was a pleasure to have you as a consultant. You explained everything, you were efficient but above all you were kind. Thank you so very much.


2018 - Written by a patient at Montefiore Hospital

Dear Mr Khera, Just a note to thank you for looking after me so well, I am truly most grateful.


2018 - Written by a patient at Montefiore Hospital

Mr Khera put me at ease from the outset at our initial consultation. I had endured a considerable amount of pain and had previously been admitted to accident and emergency where it was discovered, after a scan, that I had many gallstones. Two courses of antibiotics had reduced the inflammation but I was nervous about what I could eat and feared another debilitating attack. Mr Khera was clear about the diet I should stick to, the next steps and the process going forward to determine whether surgery would be needed. He organised blood tests and a scan and informed me exactly what I could expect based on the results. Unfortunately, the scan revealed that there were gallstones trapped in my bile duct and an initial procedure would be required to remove these. Although I have had several operations under general anesthetic, I felt uneasy about an ERCP- (basically an endoscopy) as I was aware that there could be unpleasant implications if the duct was damaged. Mr Khera was very reassuring and was extremely patient in listening to and answering my questions. He organised and liaised with hospitals and personnel to ensure that this was carried out within a speedy time frame. The procedure was carried out without incident and I felt considerably better afterwards. The surgeon was able to remove the gallstones in the bile duct successfully which meant that I was then able to have keyhole rather than a more complicated surgery. I was admitted for my laparoscopy a couple of weeks later. My operation was due to take place late morning and Mr Khera came to see me first thing to check how I was feeling. He communicated how long I could expect to be in surgery, what pain relief I would receive and how best to manage the pain myself and look after my wounds and how long I could expect the recovery to take. Post surgery, I was surprised how mobile I was and really, within the week I was walking about with very little discomfort. I returned to the hospital to have my dressings removed by the nurse and could not believe how well everything had healed. Each incision was tiny (4 of them, about an inch long each) and extremely neat. I had a subsequent follow up session with Mr Khera who checked the scarring and I was then discharged. I am extremely grateful to Mr Khera for the attention, reassurance and competence he displayed throughout the whole encounter. My operation took place at the end of April 2018 and I have had no repercussions or problems whatsoever since.


17th October 2018 - Written by a patient at The Montefiore Hospital

I first met Mr Goldie Khera in Jan 2018 for a suspected blocked gallbladder as I was suffering from jaundice at the time! He suspected that my bile duct was blocked with gallstones and that an MRI scan would confirm this, which it did. It was an extremely stressful period for myself and my family. Mr Khera was there to reassure me and answer all my questions and when he told me the results I gave him a big hug as I was so relieved that it wasn't anything more serious! In due course I had the surgery to remove my gallbladder by keyhole surgery, it was a complicated 4 hour operation due to so many gallstones, the scars were very neat and healed really well. As he did such a good job on the above I decided to develop a double inguinal hernia (which was caused by excessive exercise) which once again was keyhole surgery. This was also completed with minimal scars and successful, and once again Mr Khera was there for any questions I needed answered. Mr Khera or rather Goldie has been an incredibly supportive surgeon and it is like meeting up with an old friend when I go for my follow up appointments. So, yes I would certainly have no hesitation in recommending Mr Khera.


16th October 2018 - Written by a patient at The Montefiore Hospital

I had been suffering with horrendous pain for some time and despite being seen by several other Consultants in London & Tunbridge Wells over the past 2 years or so, I was told there was nothing wrong. I was heavily bloated every day and in pain most days, which was affecting my quality of life. Being told I had nothing wrong made me feel it was probably all in my head. I knew it wasn't but when you're told so many times, "its nothing", you then start to think, "Mmm, maybe it is me ?" I tried to battle on and keep going until earlier this year in February, when the pain intensified, I was sweating, feeling nausea, weak and simply very unwell. I infact was in Spain for a few days break but had to return earlier due to feeling so very unwell. Upon my return I was referred by my GP to a Consultant in Tunbridge Wells. Despite clearly being so unwell and in pain, a couple of tests were undertaken and despite then being outside normal limits, I was once again told, "its nothing to worry about" and that was that. I felt alone, miserable and so desperately low. I just knew things weren't right and after another few months passing, still in so much pain I undertook research myself and came across Goldie Khera. An appointment was promptly made and upon meeting Goldie, I explained the background to him. He could see how much discomfort I was in and so desperate for help. He understood my worries and concerns and straight away identified that something was not right. He went through my medical history extremely carefully and actually LISTENED ! From this point forward, I felt I was in good hands and over the next few days etc I knew I was. Tests had been undertaken straight away and within a very short time, I was being booked in for gallbladder surgery. Goldie just knew something wasn't right and re-assured me all would be okay. His re-assurance, true professionalism and genuine kindness really did pay off. After all the suffering I had gone through over these last few years and being told there was nothing wrong, my gallbladder was removed. It had been identified as being severely poorly and something I feel had just got worse over the last few years. It was now out and only thankfully to Goldie! I am now being referred to a liver specialist and whom, unlike most other consultants, Goldie has agreed to keep in touch and liaise with the liver specialist too. This chap is a "one off". He is not only an excellent surgeon, he is genuinely understanding and genuinely friendly. Quite simply, a true gent! Moreover, a Consultant who is not "old school" at all. He actually listens and understands. He is respectful, knows his stuff and is someone who I will always be most grateful too. I thank Goldie for that.


11th October 2018 - Written by a patient at The Montefiore Hospital

Hi Goldie, sorry to interrupt a Sunday evening, but wanted to say a massive thank you. At 21 months post surgery I ran a half marathon today :) Lx


Patient April 18, sleeve gastrectomy Aug 16

Hi Goldie I just wanted to say thanks so much for your excellent work last week. Today is the first day I feel properly human. I’ve just had my dressings removed and all my wounds have healed nicely. Can’t wait to have some cheese and crackers. See you in a couple of weeks. Best Regards S


Laparoscopic cholecystectomy patient April 2018

Mr Khera supported some tricky decisions I had to make about surgery I needed to remove my gallbladder during my pregnancy. I decided to wait until post partum and he supported that decision and helped monitor my condition and was there should I need to change that decision if my condition worsened. He made me aware of the risks to my situation, and what to expect. He offered me good diet and life style advice to reduce the risk of attacks during my pregnancy. The operation was more complicated than expected, and was required much sooner after the birth than I had hoped due to rapid deterioration of the condition. Mr Khera made me feel in safe hands, from him and his whole team, during the surgery and the follow-up. I’m completely healed now and have no problems, normal life has resumed. The staff at the Montefiore and at the Royal Sussex were exemplary, so understanding and helped me in every way they could to manage the pain and recover well and fully. I would completely recommend Mr Khera.


Patient, 2018

I'd seen Mr Khera back in 2015 when he treated me for a severe Gall Bladder infection & operated on me to resolve the problem, which it did. Following a totally separate issue in 2018, I had no hesitation in asking to see Mr Khera again & as before, I was quickly diagnosed & the problem resolved. He is very direct, quick to carry out all necessary checks to establish the cause of the problem, diagnose & then treat. Very professional but in a friendly way to immediately put you at ease. I stuggle to think of anything to improve!


Patient, 2018

Fantastic Surgeon who's, pre-op and post-op care was brilliant. I couldn't be happier and the recovery has been swift which I put down to high operating standards. Would recommend to anyone. Thanks.


Patient, 2017

From initial consultation through to post-op check ups, Goldie has been professional, knowledgable and very reassuring. His calm friendly personality put me at ease for what was to be a major surgery (gastric sleeve). I would definetly recommend him. If there was an award ceremony just for surgeons, he would get ‘the golden scalpel of the year’ award for certain :)


Patient, 2017 I feel I can call him by his first name took care of me throughout my treatment. He was very calming and explain everything to me till I was satisfied. He is very professional and knows his stuff. I would recommend him to anyone as I was in safe hands. He was at the end of the phone day & night and gave me this personal touch which helped me through. Thank you Goldie


Patient, 2017



I attended my final appointment with Consultant Bariatric Surgeon Mr Goldie Khera yesterday.From my inital appointment in June 16th 2017 ,he has been totally understanding,caring and explaining everything.

I had a gastric sleeve in September 16th 2017 at the Montefiore hospital with a 3 night stay,which is more like a hotel than a hospital,all staff are totally committed Ive never looked back or regretted whatsoever.


Goldie even gave me his mobile number to let him know I got home safely and my progress and any problems ...


For the first days its slightly painful which was bearable and to be expected and soon forgotten.

Its been eighteen months now and I have lost SIX stones and feel so much better!

It hasn't stopped me doing anything,I still go out to eat ,I just eat smaller portions sizes of any food or share my meal with often willing takers!


Without the help of Goldie Khera and dietitian Caroline Laidlaw,it probably wouldn't have been straight forward.

I have a book with receipes and guidelines of portions for the first week and even now I still use the receipes now.


If anyone is considering a Gastric Sleeve my advice is go for it and take advice from the professionals,you won't regret it ...


Many Thanks

Mrs SH


Patient, 2017

Mr Khera was my surgeon in 2015 for a double hernia operation. With all of the pre-op and post-op consultations, he was most professional with an excellent bedside manner. Over that period of what was several months we developed a relationship that was more like friends catching up from time to time. I would not hesitate to recommend his services


Patient, 2017

I was treated by Mr Khera for a laparoscopic cholecystectomy (gall bladder removal) in October 2016  There is nothing I can fault about his service. From the initial consultation to the procedure itself and the after care - I felt well looked after and never patronised. He was friendly and helpful throughout


Patient, 2017

Dr Goldie Khera performed my vertical sleeve surgery in April at The Montifiore Hospital in Hove (Spire) and could not recommend his skill and team enough.  The entire process from initial consultation to after care has been 5*. I am over the moon with the results and my journey so far.  Dr Khera has been amazing at answering any minor questions 24/7 and reassuringly so promptly for such a busy in demand surgeon!  He has a very caring and approachable manner and makes you feel very much at ease...more importantly, I have full trust in his work.  Thank you again


Patient, 2017

I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Mr Khera to others. He acted as surgeon to my dad in Oct '16 and from the initial consultation through to aftercare, his care and attention to detail was excellent. Dad (and I!) felt thoroughly supported through a process which was stressful. Mr Khera 'went the extra mile', taking time to discuss the procedure in detail, answer any questions and even offer advice/support by text and on the telephone afterwards. We are incredibly grateful for the service he provided.


Patient, 2017

I visited Goldie Khera on 3 occasions to seek advice and treatment in 2017.  The consultant sessions and discussion which were held between myself, Goldie and my partner, were nothing but exceptional.  He answered all my questions and was sure to be detailed and comprehensive. He settled any nerves I had and was always on call to answer any questions and followed up on other appointments which I was waiting for to be scheduled.  I would highly recommend doctor Khera to anyone seeking surgical procedures in the areas he is highly experienced in.


Patient, 2017

Dr Khera has been fantastic. I have been well supported throughout the whole process, before, during and well after my surgery. Any queries and concerns have always been well listened to and answered. My family were with me every step of the way and my mother was particularly anxious about the procedure and aftercare. Goldie listened and reassured her too. All of us would recommend him without hesitation.


Patient, 2017

Goldie has gone the extra mile to keep in touch and ensured all of my concerns and questions were dealt with. He has been available out of hours and been in touch via message when needed. He provided great advice and has been very supportive throughout. He is also a really nice guy and puts you at ease immediately.


Patient, 2017

Goldie Khrea performed by gastric sleeve a year ago now. The service I received from day 1 was excellent, everything was explained in detail about the procedure and what to expect afterwards. He even gave me his mobile number if any problems arose, which they didn't and made sure I actually got home ok after leaving the hospital. I would recommend him and all his staff 100% to anyone.


Patient, 2017

"Dear Mr Khera, Thank you for seeing me again yesterday and I am so pleased to have your reassurance that everything is going well. I am extremely grateful to you for the speed which you dealt with my case and the manner in which you performed the operation. I have to say that to date, from the moment I awoke in the recovery room, I have not suffered any pain or soreness whatsoever. I know that this can only be explained by the exceptional skill displayed by you during the operation. I have not even had to open the box of prescribed codeine tablets!


I cannot speak highly enough of your aftercare. Your clear explanation of what is happening and what to expect is so helpful. You are very generous with your time. I would also like to add that I found your article in the Argus to be of great assistance. It prompted me to question the advice to 'do nothing', given to me for a period of 18 months by my GP. I think it would be extremely beneficial to others if the Nuffield continued to publish such articles and offer these taster sessions! Thank you again and I send you my very best wishes."


Patient, 2016

"For over 20 years i have been dieting whether that's been simply counting calories, no carbs, juice diet,hypnosis,5:2, any and EVERY latest fad diet out there and I've even tried taking diet pills. I'm guessing if you're reading this, you have done the same. I had Gastric Sleeve surgery just over a year ago and i have lost almost 8 stone! To say I'm over the moon would be an understatement. My surgeon Mr Khera, dietician Caroline Laidlaw and all the staff at Montefiore Hospital were kind and helpful throughout my weight loss journey. What i would say though, to whoever is considering weight loss surgery, you must remember every and any surgery comes with risks. In particular Gastric Sleeve surgery is irreversible. It's very easy to get caught up in the desperation of it all (especially like me if you've been trying to lose weight for at least two decades). Surgery in my opinion must always be a last resort, and surprisingly it is as much of a mental challenge as it is physical. So talk it through thoroughly with your surgeon, dietician & loved ones and you'll know deep down if this is right for you. This surgery was right for me and if i could go back in time i would do it again as I've lost over 100lbs aswell as gained years back on my life."


Patient, 2016

I was fortunate enough to have Dr Goldie Khera helping me recover when I had a burst appendix in 2014.  As a professional cricketer it was vital that my recovery was well managed and I found Goldie to be understanding of my needs and had huge expertise in my treatment.


Thanks to Dr Khera I had a smooth and successful recovery which allowed me to return to training and playing ahead of schedule and never look back.


During my treatment I found Goldie to be extremely professional and had a high degree of care for my wellbeing and I am extremely thankful that I had his help during this time.




Read more on The Telegraph


Chris Nash, Sussex County Cricket Club Vice Captain

Thank you for finding space on your list to fit me in for surgery. I have recovered quickly and feel well. My belief is that you have done a neat and excellent job and I am happy with that!


Patient, 2016

I would like to offer my sincere thanks to you, Mr Westhead and all the team for such wonderful treatment during my recent stay at the Montefiore Hospital. The care, support and professionalism shown to me by everybody I came into contact with has been amazing. I felt safe and secure during my stay and had the utmost confidence in all of the staff. The room was beautiful and absolutely spotless and the lovely housekeeper and catering staff made my stay even more special. Please can you extend my thanks to everybody.


Patient, 2016

From Jan 2015 through to Nov 2015 I saw Goldie (Mr Khera) numerous times due to a double hernia, followed by a further single hernia operation and pre & post-consultations. From the outset I found Goldie to me most personable, with a good 'bed-side manner'. He would be most informative with our discussions and was always more than happy to answer any question I may have. As the year went on I felt more and more that I was going to see an old friend whenever we met, hence first name terms being used! He was also most flexible with our appointments, as there were times when I needed to see him at short notice. I would have no hesitation in recommending him as a private consultant. Thanks again for all your efforts last year and all the best for the future.



Dear Goldie, it's one year today since my cholecystectomy at the Montefiore and I have never felt better so wanted to say a deep thank you again and hope all is well with you.



"A very positive experience from start to finish of a life changing procedure! Highly professional and skilful from the beginning Pre op consultations with dieticians, Dr Khera's nurses and very helpful professional admin staff (Especially Dr Khera's secretary Carmela)! This high standard carried through the procedure and post operative care as well. From the admin staff through to Dr Khera including the Dietician, Matron and all the nursing staff with care, attentiveness, knowledge and experience made a potential very nervous time a reassuring life changing experience. Thank you so much!!!"



"I had been fighting with my weight and my relationship with food for over a decade. My body had come to a place where walking up a flight of stairs had become a challenge and the idea of flying somewhere filled me with fear that I would not fit in the seat. I was not able to keep up with my 9 year old son and was tired all of the time. I had tried numerous diets which all worked in the short term but my habits would eventually return and I would become bigger than when I started. The decision to take the step to have gastric surgery was not made lightly; I felt that it was time to take responsibility of what was happening before it got any worse.


 I visited Dr Khera in July 2015, he was honest and clear about all the pros and cons surrounding the three options that were available to me. Together, we felt, that the gastric sleeve was the most appropriate for my needs. Dr Khera highlighted the importance of psychological wellness when embarking on this life changing journey. As such, I was assessed by a psychologist to ensure that I was emotionally and psychologically ready.  Alongside this, he referred me to the dietician who explained how my diet was going to be in the coming months and supported me through the gruelling pre op milk diet.


In addition to the excellent service around, diet support, psychological assessment and explaining the operation itself was the patient care. I feel, that the standard of care was directly due to the extra mile that the both Dr Khera and the matron went to ensure my constant confidence and comfort. They were both always available to talk me; being kind, approachable and really empathised with the emotional side of having this sort of elective surgery.


These first appointments assured me that I was in the right place, with the right people, who I knew would put my comfort and safety at the centre of the service.


When the day of the operation came the team did everything they could to ensure that I felt comfortable.  The room was lovely and had all I could possibly need to make my stay as pleasant as possible. The personal service I received from both Dr Khera and his team made my inpatient experience fantastic. Dr Khera, personally checked how I was feeling several times during the process, which made a world of difference. When I returned home Dr Khera was still available to me – including replying to an evening text message on a Sunday!


I am continuing to have excellent care and support from Dr Khera and his team with regular visits and text messages. I have lost 40kg since August 2015 and it is still dropping at a comfortable rate. I exercise daily which has given me more energy and my quality of life has improved dramatically. My son is much happier with his brighter energised mother


The quality of care, the environment, the communication and the overall service was outstanding. The success of the operation is clearly unquestionable as I have now gone from a size 24 to a 14 and I'm feeling like a new person. All this is the result of the wonderful work of Dr Khera and his team ."



"I feel I have to write a  paragraph or two about my experience at the Brighton Bariatric Unit at the Montefiore Hospital. I have suffered for years with a weight problem and it began to affect my health and my quality of life.


I did a lot of research regarding weight lose surgery and had contacted  several Bariatric Surgeons of whom there was quite a few.  But none came up to scratch until I made an appointment to see Mr Goldie Khera, Consultant General and Laproscopic Surgeon, specialising in Bariatric Surgery in Brighton.  I did not have to wait long for my first appointment which was about an hour in total.  Doctor Khera was an extremely professional and caring person.  Advised me about all the pros and cons involved with the type of surgery I wanted.  However, it was not a case of a wee chat then hop onto the operating table No.  First of all I had to meet with a psychiatrist  who asked many many questions in order to make sure that I was mentally ready for a life changing operation.  Then it was an appointment with HPC Registered Dietician.  Then all three got together to discuss my case file  Only then when all three where happy I was given a date for the operation.  I then had to met with the Matron of the ward I was to be on and she covered all the things that I needed to know about my stay in hospital.


I was quoted a sum for the operation after care medicines and a two year follow up and there has been no other hidden costs.


I was given a lot of information as to what is involved with Sleeve Gastrectomy operation which I duly read and found a little daunting at first but certainly did not put me off the surgery.


The day came and I was escorted to my room for my three day stay in hospital.  Private room TV wifi, lovely bathroom with all the toiletries dressing gown slippers, like a hotel really. Oh must not forget the brilliant coffee machine that my husband enjoyed. Towards the middle of the morning I had a visit from the Anaesthetist who advised me of the procedure that I was going to go through later on in the day.


I walked down to the operating theatre which I thought was a great idea, made you feel at ease well it did me and chatted away with the lovely nurse that escorted me to theatre.  Once there i hoped onto the table and to be honest that is all that I remember.


When I awoke back in my room I felt a little pain but nothing really to complain about as I had pain relief if need be.  The nurses in this hospital are second to none,  so helpful caring loving and a great to chat to.  I have to say that they really where the best.


Mr Khera visited me several times during my stay as did the Anaesthetist.  Also was visited three times a day by a lovely Irish gentleman who bought lovely food menu, but i was not in the mood to try any of the delicious food out but they offer a facility should any of your visitors need something to eat something can be rustled up.


I have not experienced any problems since having this operation and I am so pleased that I have had the sleeve gastrectomy.


But it does not end there, there are several follow up appointments for two years from the day of the operation. I have had two follow ups with Mr Khera and he is very happy with my progress as is my Dietician.  If I should have any worries about anything Mr Goldie Khera is on the end of a telephone as is my Dietician.


I am truly over the moon about my surgery and how well I was treated, and cannot recommend Mr Khera high enough.


Already my life has changed for the better, and I cant thank Mr Goldie Khera for making it all possible."


From a very grateful patient, November 2015

“I attended the Montefiore Hospital in August 2015 to have the Gastric Sleeve surgery. Prior to the surgery I had met with Goldie Khera and the dietician to discuss the procedure and dietary requirements. Mr Khera is a fantastic consultant and surgeon who understood my situation perfectly and suggested the appropriate surgery for me to undertake. I felt at ease and confident of success.


The dietician and other members of the team were all friendly and helpful. The facilities and care both pre op and post op were the best I had ever experienced. The post op after-care was not intrusive but entirely supportive. Prior to surgery I had contacted other bariatric units that were ultimately cheaper, however the level of professionalism was highest with Mr Khera’s team. It was the best decision I had ever made as the results I have post op are fantastic. Recovery is taking longer than I expected but I feel so much healthier now and ready to enjoy the rest of my life to the fullest.


My deepest gratitude goes out to Mr Khera and the rest of his team for ensuring I received the best care and advice possible.”


Patient, August 2015

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